In Ultimate Rides Costa Rica, we recognize that earning your trust and keeping it is one of the most important goals as a company. Protecting your privacy is a responsibility that we take very seriously.

We have developed this Privacy Policy to help you understand how we collect, use, and intend to protect the Personal Data you provide us through our websites, mobile applications, emails, service providers, and distribution partners in Ultimate Rides Costa Rica. This Privacy Policy does not refer to the privacy, information or other practices of third parties, for which we are not responsible, including any distribution partner, provider and external tour operator, as well as any third party that manages websites whose links appear on our websites. By downloading, accessing or using our websites or content, when using a Ultimate Rides Costa Rica application (“Application”) from a mobile phone, tablet or similar device (“Device”) or by providing us with information regarding our websites , mobile applications or other sites or services, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.


Any error in price, availability, promotion, orthographic error among others of the same nature Ultimate Rides Costa Rica is free to change it at any time without prior notice.

Ultimate Rides Costa Rica can cancel transactions and make refunds of money in any case it deems necessary, for inexact price, security issues before frauds. In these cases, the client will be informed that the money was refunded to his account, Ultimate Rides Costa Rica is not obliged to inform the reason why he cancels any transaction. The refund in these cases is applied in a period no longer than 22 days.

Payment methods: Ultimate Rides Costa Rica has made an association with the company Rezgo by establishing itself as an Affiliate Virtual Commerce, so that the clients who own Credit / Debit Cards, issued by the indicated company, can acquire the Products that are exhibited, on our virtual page. Our operation is hosted within the master program of the company that owns the means of payment, so that operations can be performed by customers with total security, given that the mechanism has security protocols that normally protect the operations that are regularly carried out by those clients who use the services of the Rezgo company.

Acceptance of means of payment: Ultimate Rides Costa Rica will only accept to make its sales of the services that it exhibits in its Virtual Store, by means of the use of the means of payment that Rezgo has expressly authorized to be applied in it. For these purposes, you can use Credit / Debit Cards that are active, according to the information provided by the issuing company, or any other product that the Rezgo company will develop in the future. Use of your clients. As a result of the above, the terms and conditions that affect the means of payment indicated, will be those that the Rezgo company has arranged for its customers through the contracts made between them and the issuing company.

Application of means of payment: Ultimate Rides Costa Rica will at all times display, which of the products authorized for the means of payment, issued by Rezgo, may be used for the acquisition of the Products that are available on the page.  In some cases, there are alternatives to combine several means of payment, which in other cases could be limited to using one or the other in an alternative way, and finally it could happen that for the acquisition of some of the products only a single one can be used. payment option. In any case, the use by customers will always be clearly indicated for each of the services. Also, the prices of each of the products, will be indicated by the total amount that will be charged to the means of payment owned by the customer. So, in case of additional charges will always be described on the page, indicating its cost, same that if required, the customer will be charged to the total amount of your account, stating in the invoice independently the additional charge and its description. The details of the charges made to the means of payment issued by the Rezgo company, in favor of its customers, will also be specified in the account statements that those customers receive monthly.

Guarantee: Ultimate Rides Costa Rica to crystallize its partnership as a virtual affiliate of Rezgo, has committed to this company, and through it to sell their cardholders, who are our customers, only quality tourism services.

Purchase policies: Ultimate Rides Costa Rica will permanently maintain a series of tour services offered in any part of the national territory of Costa Rica. As a consequence of the foregoing, the client has the right to determine, by means of the electronic applications, that the electronic page that houses the Virtual Store has, to make the separations of the services that he wishes to buy, both in the quantity of them, as for the characteristics that correspond to them, so once the service (s) have been chosen and deposited in the purchase vehicle, they will lead to the creation of an electronic invoice, which will be displayed to the client, so that this one is identifying the separated services for his purchase, together with the prices, and the total of the amount that is accumulated for his later billing. Once the client has arrived at the point of Executing the Purchase, the system will proceed to make the invoice, which will indicate in detail the details of each service, its number, as well as the characteristics that the system uses for the identification of services (Tours). Also, in the electronic invoice will be indicated any additional charge that would have been made as any other service that could be invoiced at the time by means of the Virtual Store. Once the total amount has been determined, the Client must choose the means of payment, as well as the financial product that would have been authorized for the acquisition of the services by Rezgo. Once the previous selection has been made, the system will proceed to carry out the corresponding charge in order that at the moment through the systems and processes with which Rezgo has, the client will be charged the effective collection. Once the Payment is made, the customer cannot reverse the charge, nor can he reverse or reject the purchase made.

Anti-fraud Security Policy: Ultimate Rides Costa Rica the use of our platform to buy in the virtual store is exclusive of people over 18 years of age, in case of being under age the person must be supervised by a person of legal age.

  • In case you wish to authorize another person, you must send the documents that the Ultimate Rides Costa Rica staff deems necessary to safeguard our security against fraud and thus have the evidence that the company considers necessary for judicial purposes. Among them a letter of authorization duly signed by the client, photographs of the card and the card, in addition the authorized person must present his identity card.
  • We ensure that our staff has the necessary knowledge in the field of fraud, and they have full knowledge of the security process when delivering services acquired online.
  • In any case, the staff of Ultimate Rides Costa Rica considers that the security filters were not approved before frauds or for any other reason related to our security before frauds will proceed to refund the money to the client in a period no longer than 22 days.
  • The purpose of our company is to contribute to the culture of prevention and detection of fraud, with the perspective that this will lead to the establishment of political and moral mechanisms of society itself against corruption.  Collection of your personal data in the course of our work, we collect and process personal data in different ways. We may collect personal data that you give us directly, but we also collect data by registering how you interact with our services, for example, by using cookies on this website. We can also receive personal data from third parties.

The personal information we collect about you may include, but is not limited to: your name, email address, postal address, telephone number, billing information, survey responses, reservation data and other information you may provide about you same on our site, your IP address and browser software.

You can choose not to provide us with personal information but, in general, some of this personal information is necessary so that you can receive relevant offers from Ultimate Rides Costa Rica and its partners, and to enjoy the advantages of being a registered member. These benefits include discounts, offers, royalties and some frequent client programs that can be offered through our web site

  • Information you provide to us: We receive and store all personal information that you enter on our websites or that you provide to us in any other way. Example, in order to buy products or services, it is necessary that you disclose personal information, including your name, your address (partial or complete), your email address, your telephone number and other information that personally identifies you. If not provides personal data when you buy one of the products or services of our suppliers, we cannot confirm your purchase or provide you with the reservation. In some cases, we may also ask for travel documentation, such as passports, and demographic information such as your country of residence, gender, age, travel habits, etc.
  • Information about other people: You may have the opportunity to provide contact information or related to the trips of other people through our websites. If you use the option “Recommend to a friend” or buy products or services for another person through Ultimate Rides Costa Rica, you will have to send the personal data of that person. You must obtain the consent of those other people before you provide us with personal information about them.
  • Automatic collection of information: We automatically collect certain information from your computer or mobile device when you visit Ultimate Rides Costa or any of the web pages of our affiliates hosted by us. For example, we collect your IP address, the software of your web browser and the reference website. To help us analyze the use of our websites and related services, and to send you more relevant communications, we also collect and keep track of your online activity, such as the content you consult, the pages you visit, and the searches and reservations you make. we provide and perform.

How we use your personal information

We use the personal information we collect about you only for specific purposes. These aims include, among others, offering our services; manage your registration and your account, including your access and use of our website; publish your reviews, ratings and photographs; get in touch with you about your account or about your use of our site and our services; answer or follow up on your comments and questions; offer a customer service; notify you of changes in our conditions or in our privacy policy; ask you to leave an opinion or respond to a survey; manage and improve our site and our services; customize your experience on our site; measure your interest and improve our site and our services; notify you about promotions and special offers; allow you to participate in raffles, contests or surveys; protect, investigate and avoid illegal, unauthorized or fraudulent activities; Manage and protect our business and resolve disputes or solve problems. We will only use your personal data in accordance with the provisions of the law. In most cases, we will use your personal information in the following circumstances:

  • When we need to execute the contract that we are about to sign or sign with us.
  • When necessary to achieve our legitimate interests (or those of a third party), provided that such interests do not contravene their interests or violate their fundamental rights.
  • With your consent.
  • When we need to fulfill a legal or regulatory obligation.


We can send you marketing emails with information about Ultimate Rides Costa Rica opportunities, news about destinations and products, offers, contests and other special promotions that we think will be valuable, interesting or informative. You will receive our marketing messages if you have given us your consent, if you have requested them yourself, or if you have purchased products or services from Ultimate Rides Costa Rica and have not opted to cancel the reception of marketing messages. If at any time you no longer wish to continue receiving marketing communications from Ultimate Rides Costa Rica in the future by email, you have several options to cancel the receipt of future messages and you can cancel the subscription at any time following the instructions and the link that appears in each marketing message that we send you by email. Please note that, if you decide to cancel future marketing communications from Ultimate Rides Costa Rica in the future, we will continue to send you emails regarding your purchases and reservations, and regarding administrative and service-related information, such as modifications of our terms, conditions and policies. We reserve the right to send you other communications, including service announcements, administrative messages and surveys related to your Ultimate Rides Costa Rica account, without offering you the opportunity to cancel the receipt of such messages.



With whom we share your personal information

We can store the contributions and presentations you make in Ultimate Rides Costa Rica, including, among others, your reviews, your photos, your public profile and your ratings (your “Content”); publicly display your Content on our websites and Applications as well as those of our affiliated partners and distributors; show it to other users; Share it with our affiliate partners and distributors and use it for promotional purposes. Keep in mind that if you include personal data in your Content, others will be able to see and use it. We assume no responsibility for the information you choose to include in your Content. Ultimate Rides Costa Rica may share your personal data with other parties, including other group companies and third parties, such as service providers that work on our behalf. If we carry out any sale or divestment of our company or any part of it, and your personal data are related to that part sold or divested, or if we merge with another company, we will share your personal data with the new owner of the company or our fusion partner, respectively. If we are required by law to do so, we will share personal information to protect our customers, the site and our company, as well as to protect our rights and property.

  • Social network services: If you connect to Ultimate Rides Costa Rica through Facebook, we can show you reviews, photos and tours that your Facebook friends have published, shared, saved or bought in Ultimate Rides Costa Rica. Please note that if you have Facebook friends who use Ultimate Rides Costa Rica, they may also share personal information about you with us through Facebook. If you want to avoid that data sharing, check your Facebook privacy settings. You can also choose to access third-party social networking sites and services through Ultimate Rides Costa Rica (such as Facebook and Twitter). When it does, it is sharing personal data with those sites, which will be subject to their privacy policies. You may also be able to change the privacy settings of these third-party social media websites.
  • Service providers: Some of the personal information we collect is shared with our service providers (for example, tour operators), who are directly involved in carrying out the purchases made through us. We only provide our service providers with the necessary information (for example, the name of the hotel to pick up or take you, your local telephone number, your mobile phone number, your email address, etc.). We recommend that you read the privacy policy of the service provider to determine how they may use or disclose your personal information.
  • Third-party providers: We also share your personal data with third-party providers that offer services or functions on our behalf, such as business analysis, payment processing, customer service, marketing, public relations, distribution of surveys or sweepstakes programs and the prevention of fraud. In addition, we may authorize third-party providers to collect personal data on our behalf, including, for example, those that are necessary to manage the functions of our websites or Applications, or to provide online advertising distribution adapted to your interests Third-party providers have access to and may collect personal data only when necessary to carry out their functions, and may not share or use personal data for any other purpose. At present, we hire different third-party partners online to help us manage and improve our communications and our Internet activity. We use the services of third-party marketing companies to help us measure the effectiveness of our advertising and how our visitors use our website.

We may also share or disclose personal information if we believe that, in our sole discretion, it will be necessary to:

  • to comply with legitimate and applicable subpoenas or court orders, or with other legal processes; to establish or exercise our legal rights; to defend ourselves against legal claims; or in other cases where the law requires it. In such cases, we reserve the right to present or withdraw any objection or legal right that we have;
  • Investigate, prevent or take action with respect to illegal or allegedly illegal activities; protect and defend the rights, property or safety of Ultimate Rides Costa Rica, our clients or third parties; and in relation to our Terms of Use or other agreements, including those with our partners or suppliers;
  • after carrying out a corporate transaction, such as a divestment, merger, acquisition, consolidation or sale of assets; or in the remote case of bankruptcy;
  • with security forces and other government agencies (if we are required by law to do so).

How long we keep your personal information

We will only keep your personal data for as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which we have collected it, including the purposes to satisfy any legal, accounting and reporting requirements. In order to determine the appropriate retention period, we take into account the amount, nature and degree of confidentiality of personal data, the potential risk of damages arising from the unauthorized use or disclosure of your personal data, the purposes for which those who process such data and if we can achieve these ends through other means, as well as the legal provisions in force.

Your rights 

You can check, update and add more information to the information you have provided, or you may decide to close your account at any time, in each case by contacting us at If you decide to close your account, we will deactivate it and remove your profile information and reviews. We will send you an email to confirm your request. Remember that once you have closed your account, you will no longer be able to access the site or your personal information. However, you can open a new account at any time. You can modify your marketing preferences at any time. We may offer members the option of saving information related to the election and payment method on our website. If you save such payment details in Ultimate Rides Costa Rica, you may add, delete or modify this information at any time from the settings of your account. In accordance with applicable laws, you may also exercise the following rights: access, rectification or deletion of your personal data, portability of personal data, and limitation and opposition to the treatment thereof. Below you will find more information about how and when you can exercise your rights. When such rights exist, we will respond to your request within a month, but we have the right to extend this period to two months.

How we protect your personal data

In Ultimate Rides Costa Rica we strive to maintain the integrity and security of your personal data. We have applied and maintain appropriate physical, administrative, technical and organizational measures to protect the personal data you provide us against unauthorized or illegal access, disclosure, and against loss, damage, alteration or accidental destruction. We strive to store your personal data in secure operating environments that are not accessible to the general public, and by applying security measures at our physical facilities to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal data by our employees or third parties. However, it is not possible to guarantee 100% the security of any data transmission over the Internet or any data storage environment, so we cannot assure you in absolute terms that the personal data you provide us are protected in all cases. moment. Ultimate Rides Costa Rica trusts that you inform us if you experience any unusual event that could indicate a breach of the security of your information. In that case, we will endeavor to investigate if this fact was related to the transmission of data whose origin or destination is Ultimate Rides Costa Rica, and we will inform you about the measures that can be adopted and that have been adopted to help correct the problem.

External links 

Our site may include links to third-party sites, add-ons and applications. If you access other sites through the links that appear on our site, the operators of these sites may collect or share information about you. This information will be used in accordance with its privacy policy, which may be different from ours. We have no control over these third-party websites, and we recommend that you review the privacy policies posted on them to fully understand their procedures regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal information.